2022 Camtasia Studio Video Editing – Beginner to Intermediate

Easy to follow guide to Video Editing in Camtasia Studio 2021. Learn to import media, edit, compose &render great videos.
The features are structured around the 3 main steps of the program workflow: record, edit and export/share.
First step is to record a video (from a specific region or fullscreen) with Camtasia Recorder. Multi-display configurations are supported.
Second step is to edit into Camtasia the recorded video, adding transitions, annotations and all kind of advanced editing features and effects (cursor effects, visual effects…).
Third step is to export the produced video, as a local file (MP4…), or to upload it to a media or file sharing platform (YouTube, Google Drive…). Camtasia has
Camtasia Recorder
In Camtasia Recorder, users can start and stop recording with shortcuts at any time, at which point the recording is halted and Camtasia Recorder can render the input that has been captured into the TREC format. The TREC file can be saved to disk or directly imported into the Camtasia component for editing. Camtasia Recorder allows audio (and webcam) recording while screen recording is in progress, so the presenter can capture live narration during a tutorial or presentation. Camtasia also supports dubbing in other audio tracks or voiceover during post-capture editing. Windows users may also install an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that will allow them to initiate recording of a presentation from within PowerPoint itself.


  • You should have

    TechSmith Camtasia

    installed so you can follow along with the course lessons.

  • Prerequisites: *required computer skills
    or *equivalent in knowledge.
  • Get familiar with the Camtasia Studio interface, navigate and use all features within Camtasia Studio video editing software with ease
  • Create and properly save new projects in Camtasia or open existing projects
  • Record your screen and system audio and/or external audio with the highest quality possible for e-learning videos
  • Import media like raw footage, images, audio or screen recordings into Camtasia
  • Edit recordings and add elements like text, background music and animations
  • Benefit from existing library of assets within Camtasia like icons, intro’s and outro’s, animated backgrounds, music, and lower thirds
  • Use animated Zoom & Pan, and Annotations (Shapes, Callouts, Blur and Highlight) to grab viewers’ attention and have them focus on certain areas of the screen
  • Add Transitions to your videos to spice them up
  • Embed Keystrokes into your videos to visually show the keys being pressed
  • Utilize Cursor Effects like Highlight Cursor & Cursor Smoothening to make your videos more appealing
  • Design and customize basic Motion Graphics
  • Improve the quality of your videos with audio editing, audio Fade-in and Fade-out, Noise Removal and Colorization
  • Increase or decrease the Speed of your videos
  • Remove a specific color from videos to do Green Screen editing
  • Get faster and more efficient in your editing process with keyboard shortcuts, best practices & editing hacks


Price for 10 lessons (see Course Topics) depends on the number of students:

Training one-to-one or 5 people

One-to-one:  €300
2 persons: €160/person
3 persons € 149/person
5 persons: €90/person

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