Setting for Create Template in G-mail

First of all, you need to enable the template option in the setting on your G-mail account, here’s how:
*Follow the steps shown in the pictures to the right

1. To start, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the G-mail account and then select the See All Settings button.
2. Click the Advanced tab at the top of the screen, find the “Templates” option on the page that comes up and click “Enable” next to it.
Save changes!

Create or change templates:

Open G-mail and click Compose new e-mail.
1) In the Compose window, enter your template text, add all links if you have some, and put image if you want.

2) Next, find three points in the lower right corner.
Choose Templates.
Choose an option: To create a new template, click Save draft as template or Add your template name and hit Save.

Simple, isn’t it ? Save a lot of time answering emails.

How to insert later in a new email?

Open a new mail, select one of the templates you have created. And that’s all.
You can change the details in the specific email and maybe save it again as a new template.

How To Make clickable button in your G-mail?

Make clickable button in your G-mail.

I wrote more and in detail about this topic HERE  a long time ago.

An example of a complex template and buttons

How to send Gmail templates automatically?

1. Open Gmail.

2. Click the Show search options icon, located on the right side of the search box at the top of the screen.

3. Fill out your criteria based on how you want the automatic emails to work.

4. Click Create filter, located at the bottom of the pop-up.

5. Tick the box next to Send template and select the appropriate filter from the drop-down menu.

How to enable and use Gmail’s AI-powered Smart Reply and Smart Compose tools

  • Click on the gear icon on the upper right side and on “See all settings.”
  • In the “General” tab, scroll down to the separate Smart Reply and Smart Compose options and choose “On” for either or both to enable the automated suggestions.
  • You can also choose to allow G-mail’s machine learning to personalize the suggestions based on the way you write your emails by choosing “Smart Compose personalization.” For example, if you greet your colleagues with “Hi, team” versus “Hello, everyone,” it will automatically drop in whatever you use most often.
  • Finally, “Smart features and personalization” enables Google to use your content in G-mail, Chat, and Meet in order to hone its personalization features, while “Smart features and personalization in other Google products” lets it learn from — you guessed it — other Google products. Each of these can be checked on or off.
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